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Sunday 13th October 2019 – More wins for club at Bushi Championship

Congratulations to all those fro the club who competed at the Bushi Open Championship, held in Birmingham.

All players fought extreamely well and did themselves and the club proud.

Gold Medals: William Brooks, Daisy Hodgkinson

Silver Medals: Nim Nicholson, Nam Nicholson, Alfie Sayers

Bronze Medals: Xander Collis, Lola Sayers, Harrison Collis, Glyn Hodgkinson

A very well done to Cameron Collis, Somer Benn, Keen Benn and Shannon Benn who all fought very well just missing out on medals.

Best Boys hairdo of the day goes to Cameron Collis (Styled by Daisy Hodgkinson)

Sunday 15th September 2019 – Dan Powell Masterclass

The East Midland Area of the AJA were very proud to host the 1st Master Class with Dan Powell held at the Cedars Judo Club venue in Earl Shilton.

The day was a great success with a wide variety of grades and ages attending.

Dan was one of the British Judo stars competing in the 2012 London Paralympics and now is busy training with the aim to bring the UK medal success in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Paralympics

Watch Dan on the Ninja Warrior Course

Dan Powell Facebook

Saturday 7th September 2019 – Success for Daisy at the Heart of England Championship.

Congratulations to Daisy Hodgkinson on her medal success at the Heart of England Championship held at the British Judo Centre of Excellence in Walsall, West Midlands. Birmingham.

This is one of the toughest events in the UK calendar and Daisy pulled out all the stops at this one culminating in her winning a very hard fought for 3rd Place. Club coach, Tony Jones said that “it was the best he had seen Daisy fight with her totally dominating in her first two fights”.

Sunday 7th July 2019 – Success at Area Championships

Congratulations to all those that took part in the Area Open Championship on the 7th July. The event was one of the best for a number of years with a good size entry and a very high standard of player attending. The club did exceptionally well taking an impressive haul of 17 medals.

May 2019 – Daisy competes for AJA National Squad at the 24th International Houvast Judo Tournament, Holland.

Congratulations to Daisy Hodgkinson on a competing as part of AJA National Squad at this year International Tournament held in Meirlo, Holland on 11th and 12th May 2019.

The event was over the highest caliber with everyone in the squad having to work and perform at the top of their ability. Over 1000 of the top competitors in Europe took part in the event.

Daisy fought extremely well in this her first first major international but unfortunately didn’t progress into the medal rounds. She showed great grit and determination and did herself and the club proud. She gained a great deal of experience which will only help in her continued progression.

March 2019 – Andy and Katy gain awards

Congratulations to Andy and Katy Darcy on their recent awards.
Andy as qualified as a County Referee and joins the Area Refereeing team.
Katy has qualified as a Judo Instructor and joins the growing team of Coaches at the club.

Sunday 10th March 2019 – Great Result for Club at National Champions

An exceptional day at the AJA National Championships held in Birmingham saw the club gaining 3 National Champions and a handful of well-deserved and hard fought for medals.


Gold Medals for Nam Nicholson in the Boys U22kg Event, Daisy Hodgkinson in the Girls U45kg event and Harry Jones in the Men’s U81kg Mens Dan Grade event

Silver Medals for Elise Bower in the Girls U28kg Event and for Nim Nicholson in the Girls 32kg event.

Bronze Medals went to Harrison Collis in the Boys U32kg event and Luke Dexter in the Men’s Kyu Grade U81kg event.

Xander Collis also took part for the club competing very well in the boys U22kg just missing out on the bronze medal.

Sunday 3rd March 2019 – Results of the EMA Grading

Congratulations from all those at the Club who took part in the grading held at Earl Shilton, Leicestershire. All the players from our club passed with flying colours advancing the maximum grades permissible.

A great many thanks to those players who made the special effort to turn up and take part in the line outs for us.

Sunday 10th February 2019 – EMA Closed Championship Results

Congratulations to all those that fought at the Area Closed Championship.  The championship was very well attended and attracted a high standard of players from judo clubs all over the East Midlands Area.

Every player from the club fought exceptionally well and you made all of the coaches very proud.

11th January 2019 – Coaching Promotions

Congratulations to the following on their Coaching Award promotions:

Marlies Flintham – Senior Judo Instructor
Marc Evans – Judo Instructor
Julian Collis – Judo Instructor

23rd November 2018 – Club Championships

Well done to all of the Junior members of the club that took part in the Club Championships.

Some great fighting, spirit and sportsmanship was displayed by all.   What a great bunch of players, you have made your coaches very proud.  Keep up the hard work.






Sunday 28th October 2018 – Golden girls success at National Championships

Congratulation to the 2 representatives from the club that competed in the AJA National Open Championships held in Birmingham.

Daisy Hodgkinson was competing in the Girls under 40kg category and Elise Bower competed in the Girls under 28kg event.

Both girls fought exceptionally well taking first place and the tile of National Open Champions in their events.


Sunday 7th October 2018 – Success at Bushi Judo Championship

Congratulations to both Daisy and Glyn Hodgkinson on medal wins at the Bushi Open Championship held in Birmingham on the 7th October 2018.

Daisy took gold in the girls under 40kg open grade event.  Not to be outdone by his daughter, Glyn took the Bronze medal in an extremely competitive under 85kg men’s kyu grade event

Sunday 16th September 2018 – Cedars Judo Club hosts Masterclass with Dan Powell

The Cedars judo club were very proud to host the 1st Master Class with Dan Powell.

The day was a great success with a wide variety of grades and ages attending.

Dan was one of the British Judo stars competing in the 2012 London Paralympics and more recently known for his appearance on Ninja Warrior UK.

His aim now is to keep to his busy training schedule and bring the UK medal success in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Paralympics

Watch Dan on the Ninja Warrior Course

Dan Powell Facebook


Friday 6th July – Club Grading Results

Congratulation to all those who took part in the club grading.

White Belt plus 2 Red Tabs awarded to William Brooks; Alexander Collis and Nathan Warden

White Belt plus 1 Yellow Tab awarded to Charlie London; Travis Salisbury and Beau Salisburby

Full Yellow Belts awarded to Toby Salisbury and Nam Nicholson


Sunday 1st July 2018 – Well done to all members that competed in the Area Open Event

Congratulations to all those that fought at the Area Open Championship.  The championship attracted a high standard of players from judo clubs all over the UK.

Every player from the club fought exceptionally well and you all made an old Coach very proud.

Toby Salisbury – Gold and Bronze
Nam Nicholson – Gold
Poppy London – Gold
Daisy Hodgkinson – Gold
Nim Nicholson – Silver
Louis Hurley-Smith – Silver
Cameron Collis – Bronze
Luke Dexter – Bronze

Ezra Woodley, Charlie London, Beau Salisbury, Harrison Collis and Travis Salisbury all fought in probably the toughest events of the day and progressed through the rounds just missing out on the final medals positions.

A big thank you to Marc, Glyn and Julian for your help during the day.



Saturday 26th June 2018 – Trio achieve maximum grade increases

Well done to the 3 members of the club that attended the Area grading held in Digby, Lincolnshire

All 3 showed a good understanding of the syllabus required followed by some hard fighting.  The result was all achieving the maximum grade increase allowed.

Daisy Hodgkinson was awarded her orange belt with 1 green tag, with Cameron Collis and Louis Hurley-Smith both gaining yellow belts with 2 orange tags.





Friday 15th June 2018 – Visit from Barlestone Judo Club

A great big thank you to Wayne and Barlestone Judo Club for coming over to visit us.  A good session was had by all, plenty of hard work, sweat and fun. Followed by a floss dance demonstration whilst we were trying to get a good group photo.


2nd May 2018 – Lolly gets Brownies sports award for her Judo achievement

Congratulation to Lolly Mellor for gaining her Brownies Sports Award/Badge.

Lolly picked Judo for her sport and had to prove progression over a number of weeks (She gained her Yellow belt). She also had to write about someone within the sport and she picked Dan Powel, he competed in at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. His vision is affected by cone-rod dystrophy, but never lets this hold him back. He’s a true inspiration to so many and was a great choice for her written piece.  Dan sends his congratulations on your award.

March 2018 Junior and Senior Grading Results

Congratulations to all those that recently graded, a great result for all.

Marc Evans – Black belt – 1st Dan
Katy Darcy – Green Belt 3rd Kyu
Glyn Hodgkinson – Green Belt – 3rd Kyu
Neil Garner – Green Belt 3rd kyu

Daisy Hodgkinson – Yellow Belt + 2 Orange
Lorely Mellor – Yellow Belt
Nim Nicholson – Yellow Belt
Ezra Woodley – Yellow Belt
Ethan Mellor – Yellow Belt
Nam Nicholson – White + 2 Yellow
Joe Bradbury – White + 3 Red
Charlie Wazmuth – White + 3 Red
Caitlin Burgess – White + 2 Red
Joshua Burgess – White + 2 Red
Noah Garner – White + 2 Red
Beau Sailsbury – White + 2 Red

26th January 2018 – Marlies is presented with Judo Instructors Award

Congratulations to Marlies Flintham on gaining the Award of Judo Instructor.   She is a very valuable member of the coaching team at the Cedars bringing with her many years of experience.  Marlies started Judo as a young girl in Germany and worked her way through the ranks competing at Local, Area and National level.

Friday 8th December 2017 – Club Grading Results

Congratulations to all those that took part in the club Grading. All players did very well,  all progressing the maximum 2 tabs.

Charlie Wazmuth – White + 2 Red
Rowan Blower – White + 2 Red
Ellie West – White + 1 Yellow
Loreley Mellow – White + 2 Yellow
Lola Sayers – Full Yellow Belt
Cameron Collis – Full Yellow Belt

Sunday 3rd December 2017 – Cedars Player get presented with medals by Olympian – Area Open Championship

Congratulations to the players from the Cedars who won medals at the AJA East Midlands Area Open Championship.

A Silver medal to Daisy Hodgkinson and Bronze medals to Harrison Collis and Xander Collis

The players were presented with their medals by the sprinter Libby Clegg – Double Paralympic gold medalist (Rio 2016)

A very well done to all.